Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Getting my jig ooooon

It has been a while since I have written anything, but sometimes you just don’t have time, and sometimes you just don’t know what to write. If like me you are a person who can only sometimes write about relevant issues and events, subsequently writing when something happens and not plucking something out of the air. I think the next two months are going to be my pick up time, where I plague my blog with crap that grows from my brain, yes crap. Relevant to me and one of you poor souls out there, I think it is the emptiness of summer time, when you can’t get any work and you really don’t want to be domestic, the eruption of my creative side in regards to painting is proof of this. Not forgetting however the re-runs of my all time favourite TV series. So watch this space J see anything you like, then please spread the word… P.S. ignore the bad spelling and grammar on some of my old posts J I will get round to editing them soon!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A man's best friend!

Man’s best friend? Woman’s best friend? Where is it, that it states that a man’s best friend is a dog and a woman’s is diamonds? Some universal unwritten rule?

I think anyone could tell you I dream of the day I can afford real diamond rings and earrings with platinum settings. The way they sparkle and smile at you, the way everyone glances at them knowing how beautiful they are. The elegance! But why can’t a dog be a woman’s best friend? I love my old dog, my bosses’ old dog and the dog I had with my old boyfriend. 

What is not to love, all they want it to be walked, fed and loved, unconditional love. They know when you are upset, they know how to piss you off, they wait for you to return home, lick your face with so much love and they just want to be with you.

I do feel sorry for those people whom have animal allergies, especially allergies to dogs. They miss out on so much, growing up with a dog, having a companion throughout life that won’t let you down, that is there no matter what, they don’t promise anything and don’t break your heart. 

The sad thing is, “a dog is not for Christmas” is so true, the amount of dogs beaten, killed, abused, made to fight etc is an unfortunate truth. Because they don’t have a voice, they are smaller than us, people think that it is ok to inflict pain upon beautiful creatures.

I say that dogs are not just a man’s best friend, but they are everyone’s best friend. Once I leave University I am getting myself a dog or two again with diamond collars, going to kill two birds with one stone :) Never forget how precious they are.

Here is my shameful video of my love for an old dog :D 

The Heart :)

Isn’t it silly, the way the heart works? You automatically love your parents from day one, no matter what they say or do to you when you are young, you love them no matter what. When you get older, to a certain age that changes a little, your feelings can be affected by what they say or do, but you still love them, even when you hate them. They are those people in your life that can do anything, superheroes, and the ones that you look up to and make excuses for when they do something. You may tell the world you hate them, deep down you want their approval and their love. When they do hurt you, no amount of answers to your questions can feed your hunger.

You love your friends, not because of who they are, but because how they make you feel, the effect they have on you but I suppose you love them also because who they are. But without some effect on your life, you wouldn’t have them as a friend or love them. Whether it is because they make you feel needed, you need them, they are the joker, the one that listens. You forgive them when they hurt you, chance after chance even though you know your heart will break again. Trust against your better judgement. These friendships are those complex ones you never want to let go of, even when no one else understands it. 

The most unusual work of the heart has to be that of those you fall in love with. You go to sleep and wake up in love. You see that friend you have known for a life time in a different light. Your heart flutters at the thought of them, you imagine a kiss, a touch of hands, what the rest of your life together will be like and you imagine life without them. Being so in love with person that person it is painful. 

Love is so much more complex, you want to share when you are in love, love and care but when you are broken, and in pain and hate you don’t want to share. The heart can make you either the happiest person on the planet or can make you the darkest person in the world.
We forget that in those times of darkness that we have those around us, those who would happily help, in their own unusual or usual way. That when you are at your happiest there are others out there, your friends and family that are in a dark place, share your light, your happiness like you once needed and will need again. 

The most vital, fragile, complex and strong muscle in the body, who knew it!

I haven’t really been active for some time, life takes over sometimes. I want to thank the people who have shown interest in my work. I took time out from writing due to returning to University after a break of several years from university. Although it feels that I am a little rusty on the writing despite the massive influx of emotions that are going around at the moment. My last post is very vague, and well not really up to standard but I hope for it to improve J thank you again guys and keep posted!

The way you make me feel

I hate this feeling, this way you make me feel

The way my heart leaps when I think about you

Every time I get something expecting it to be you

Every time I smiled it was because of you

All my hope and dreams because of you

I hate this feeling, when you took it all away

The way my heart breaks because of you

I dread receiving anything

When I cry and feel lonely, it’s because of you

When my hopes and dreams feel insignificant

This empty feeling you left in my life

You were my friend, my crush and the one I laid my hope on

I trusted you with my heart

I trusted you

Friday, 17 September 2010


I would like to thank all the people that have left comments, emailed me and poped by. It means alot and its nice to see what people have to say in response to my writing.

I would to like to ask you that if you feel like there is something close to you that you would like to talk about, or to be talked about. Then please contact me as I am always looking for topics to write about as you can tell its something that I enjoy alot.

Don't be shy and even if you just need some one to talk to then it will stay private.

Email me via the website and again thank you for your support and kind words!

Regards Laura xx


When do we become so lost, so lost that we cant find our selves
An empty core evaporated
The only peace from this emptiness, to wander the streets
To feel alone, to want to cry and to want to be lost

Why do we want to be lost when we need to be found
When we wait for the rain in this long drought
Unable to be alone and unable to cry

Secretly crying out to the world with no one listening
Walking the lonely streets with no one there
Why do we stay so lost when we could be found
When walking back to the crowd seems so easy but yet so hard

I feel so lost and my solitary is my only comfort
Feeling my meaningless pain is my pleasure
Blaming the world is my words

Yet this page is empty
My ink doesn’t stain

I’m lost